We Rebuild Diesel Pumps, Injectors, & Turbochargers For Diesel Pickups-Mid Range Trucks--Tractor Trailer Trucks (Class 8 Trucks)--Farm Tractors--Construction  Equipment--Logging Equipment--Industrial Equipment  & Marine Engines.  New Units Are also Available.  Up-Dated EGR Coolers for Many Engines. We Bake & Clean Diesel Particulate Filters & Diesel Oxidation Catalysts.  Serving:  Alabama, Mississippi, Florida & Louisiana.

Factory Authorized
Turbo Distributor. We Rebuild BorgWarner, Schwitzer, Holset, Cummins, Garrett, Honeywell, AiResearch, Warner-ishi, Rotomaster. We Rebuild VGT Turbos!  Reman Exchange and New Turbos are Available.

We Rebuild Diesel Fuel Injection Pumps: Stanadyne, Roosanaster, Bosch, CAV, Lucas, Simms, Delphi, Denso, Mico, Yanmar, Zexel, Diesel Kiki, Kubota, Ambac, American Bosch, Deutz, Hatz. New and Reman Exchange Pumps are Available.

We Stock Reman Exchange Injectors for Navistar Maxxforce, DT466, VT365, T444E, Cat, Cummins, John Deere, Mack, Detroit Diesel Series 60, Duramax, Ford Power Stroke Engines. We Rebuild Many Brands Of Injectors.

BorgWarner Turbo Video

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172743 borgwarner k31 turbo features forged Milled compressor wheel (FMW) technolgy  for increased turbo life and Durability.  The new  172743 turbocharger Replaces these detroit Diesel Part numbers.

       Part Numbers for Detroit Diesel Series 60 Engines.

23522188 - 23522189 - 23822190 - 23522191 - 23522306 - 23522312 - 23522781 - 23523040 - 23523478 - 23525462 - 23525463 - 23525464 -
23526016 - 23526017 - 2352627 - 23526272 - 23526679 - 23526680 - 23526681 - 23526682 - 2356683 - 2356684 - 2356685 - 23526692 - 23528052 - 23528053 - 23528054 - 23528055 - 2352056 - 23528057 - 23528058 - 23528059 - 23528060 -23528062 - 23528063 - 23528064 - 23528069 - 23528089 - 23528512 - 23526885 - 23528069 - 23528089 - 23528065 - 23528512 - 23529103 - 23522188.

172743 New BorgWarner Turbo Replaces 46 Detroit Part Numbers for Detroit Diesel Series 60 Engines.

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BorgWarner's S400 Series Turbos  for Detroit Diesels Series 60 Engines are Engineered to Optimize the Performance and Power of Series 60 Engines Ranging from 11.1 to12.7 Liters in Size.         171702

 Competitive Cross Reference

DDC Part #                      BorgWarner Part#

8929435                                                167736
8929507                                                167735
8929796                                                167736
8929797                                                167735
8929902                                                167736
8929903                                                167735
23503732                                              167736
23504966                                              167735
23504967                                              167735
23508405                                              169012
23508406                                              169011
23508410                                              169011
23508411                                              169011
2351565                                                171701
2351636                                                171701
23516431                                              171701
23518588                                              171702
23518597                                              171702

The S400 Turbo is Designed for High Efficiency and Long Service life.   One Year, 100.000 Mile Warranty.

New BorgWarner GTA Replacement  Turbos for Series 60 Detroit Engines 12.7L & 14L.

BorgWarner GTA Replacement Turbos In Stock, Part Numbers:  57849882000, 5784988201, 57849882004 and 57849882005.

New & Reman Exchange Turbos Are Available 
for These Turbocharger Manufacturers & Others. Serving: Alabama, Mississippi, Florida & Louisiana

We Can Rebuild Your Turbo.

   Our Turbocharger Spin  Balancing Machine.

We Spin Balance the Compressor Wheel And  the Exhaust Wheel and Shaft on All Turbos we Rebuild. This  Adds Quality and Longevity to Your Remanufactured Turbocharger.

We Have a 1 Year Warranty On Defective Parts & Our Workmanship On Your Turbo.

 Troubleshooting Guide To Tell You the Possible Causes when Your Engine Shows symptoms.  Often a Defective Turbo is The  Consequence of Some Other Primary Engine Defect Which Cannot be Cured by Just Replacing the Turbo.

Follow the Guide To Help You Find Your Problem.

              We Rebuild VGT Turbos

For Cummins, Volvo, MACK, Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel, Paccar, Mercedes-Benz, Hino,  John Deere,  Navistar,  Isuzu, Ford Power Stroke,  Duramax, AGCO, New Holland and Others.               Serving:  Alabama, Mississippi, Florida and Louisiana.

Navistar DT466E VGT Turbo

    MP-7 Mack VGT Turbo


    Holset / Cummins VGT 


We are a Stanadyne Factory Authorized Service Dealer. We Can Rebuild Your Stanadyne Pump or Get You a Brand New Pump From Stanadyne.

We Stock These Stanadyne DE Fuel Injection Pumps. It is Used in Many of John Deer's 4045 and 6068 H--T & D --Engines in John Deere Farm Tractors, Construction Equipment & Marine Engines. Serving: AL, MS, FL & LA

We Include Stanadyne Part NO. 40572  DE Timing Pin Kit & Instructions To Time The Pump and The Engine.

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We Are A Stanadyne Factory Authorized Service Dealer. We Can Rebuild Your Stanadyne Pump Or Get You a Brand New Pump From Stanadyne.

Stanadayne Diesel Injection Pumps Are Used In Allis Chalmers, White, International Harvester (I H ), Ford, John Deere Farm Tractors & Equipment.  General Motors & Ford Diesel Pickup Trucks. Cat & Cummins Marine Generators. Serving AL, MS, FL and LA.

Stanadyne DB2 Diesel Injection Pump for GM'S 6.2L & 6.5L  Diesel Pickups.

Stanadyne DB2 Diesel Injection Pump for Ford 6.9L & 7.3L Diesel Pickups.

Stanadyne JDB Diesel Injection Pump Used On Many John Deere Engines.

Stanadyne's Electronic DS  Diesel Injection Pump Used in GM'S 6.5L Chevrolet & GMC Diesel Pickups.

Stanadyne's DB4 Pump For Use In  Generators, Tractors & Equipment.

Stanadyne's DM4 Pump Used On John Deere and Other Farm Tractors and Equipment.

Bosch Factory Authorized
Reman Common Rail Injectors.

For Your 6.6L Durmax and Cummins / Dodge 5.9L & 6.7L Engines. Our Bosch Injectors are Reman Exchange.

We Test Common Rail & Heui Injectors For:

Cummins  / Dodge 5.9L & 6.7L Engines-Duramax-Isuzu-John Deere-Caterpillar-Power Stroke: 7.3L-6.0L-6.4L & Navistar: T444E-VT365-DT466-HT5 Maxxforce 
7 / DT9 / 10, N9 / N10-Kubota-Fiat-Doosan-Yanmar-Perkins-Deutz-Hatz.

We Test For:  Fuel Delivery At Various RPMS, Fuel Atomization, Nozzle Opreation, Return Fuel Flow, Solenoid Operation.

WHY You Should Use Genuine Bosch Factory Authorized Reman Injectors for Your Cummins / Dodge 5.9L & 6.7L Engines and Duramax 6.6L.  We Stock Reman Exchange Bosch Injectors. Serving: AL, MS, FL. & LA.

Testing for Cummins Celect M11 - N14 ISM, ISX & New Style, Cummins QSK Injectors. Caterpillar C-10, C-11,  C-12,   C-13, C-15, C-16, Cat 3196 & Cat 3406E Injectors. Detroit Diesel E3, Detroit Diesel Series 60 Injectors. Scania R Series & Volvo E3 Injectors.

     Measures  Solenoid  Response Time.
  Start of injection Time.
 Checks Fuel Delivery at
       Different RPMS. 
  Fuel Pressure at Fuel  Inlet and Return.                                                                                

Professional Gasoline Injector Cleaning & Flow Testing.  Specializing in Outboard Motors-Marine-Engines-Motorcycles-ATVS-UTVS & Automotive Engines.

We Test Injectors for Resistance, shorts, & Current Draw. We Put the Injectors Through All 3 of Our Ultrasonic Tanks Using Different Cleaning Solutions.  A High Pressure Back-Flush is Now Done To Remove Any Remaining Particles Inside. Back to the Flow Bench for Retesting of Spray Pattern, Flow Rate, Coil resistance, & Leak Testing. Install New Filter Baskets, O-Rings, Seals, & Pintle Caps (where Applicable). 

We Are a Bostech Updated EGR Cooler Dealer. 

Bostech Has Updated EGR Coolers for Navistar VT365, DT466. DT466E, Maxxforce, Ford Powerstroke 6.0L, 6.4L, Mercedes, Cummins, Duramax & Others. Serving: Alabama, Mississippi, Florida & Louisiana.

Updated with All Tig Welded Stainless Steel Tubing. Each Cooler is Hot Water Pressure Tested For Durability & Longivity.

    DPF - DOC &  SCRC Cleaning            WE Clean:  Diesel Particulate Filters, Diesel Oxidation Catalysts & Selective Catalytic Reduction Catalysts.

 WE Weigh It, Check for Cracks & Holes in the Ceramic Filter. Check the Air Flow Resistance. Bake It In Our Special Oven. Blow Out the Ash & Trash. Check the Air Flow Again to See How Much Better it Flows. Weigh It To See How Much Ash & Trash We Got Out of It. 

We Rebuild Cat Injection Pumps

Large Parts Inventory - Experienced Technicians

Diesel Injection Pumps  And Injectors Rebuilt & Calibrated for 3204 - 3208 - 3304 - 3306 - 3406 A & B - 3408  3412 & Other Models.

Factory Authorized Deutz Engine Dealer. For Engine Parts & Service. Factory Reman Exchange & New Engines Are Available. Deutz Computerized Engine Diagnostics. Deutz Warranty Repair.  Fully Equipped Service Truck for Onsite Service.

Factory Authorized Hatz Engine Dealer. For Engine Parts & Service. Factory Reman Exchange & New Engines Are Available. Hatz Road Service Available. 

We Are A Bostech Dealer of Updated EGR Coolers With Stainless Steel Tubing. All Joints & Seams are Tig Welded. Many Applications are in Stock. Navistar - Ford -Mercedes - Cummins & Others.

       We are a Deutz Factory Authorized                  Parts & Service Dealer.

We Rebuild Deutz Diesel Engines. Order Complete Deutz Factory Reman Exchange Engines. Deutz Warranty Repair.


We Stock Parts For Deutz Diesel Engines and Order Parts From the Deutz Factory.

We Have a Fully Equipped Service Truck For Onsite Service. Laptop Computer for Deutz Tier 4 Re-Gen and Computerized Engine Diagnostics.